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Our knowledgeable mortgage agents have been dealing with Georgetown properties for a number of years. During their tenure, they have managed to help thousands achieve their financial goals by finding them most ideal funding solutions including:

· 1ST and 2nd mortgages

· Reverse mortgages

· Blanket mortgage

Over time, we have acquired a wide network of private lenders who can approve your mortgage even when the traditional lending institutions have all turned you away. This is because lending decisions are guided by a home’s equity and not the credit score preferred by banks. A credit score is achieved by people who are able to borrow and repay loans within stipulated timelines. In Canada, you need 600 credit points for banks to even look at your mortgage application but unfortunately many fall short. It is impossible to build a credit score if you have never been employed or don’t have a steady income on a monthly basis. Such people are left out in the cold when looking for credit to run their businesses or attend to urgent financial matters.

Private lenders in the Mortgage Brokers Georgetown network have no concern over your credit ratings as long as there is enough equity in your property. If you already have an existing mortgage, worry not because these lenders can give you another based on the loan to value ratio of your home. If LTV doesn’t exceed 80% you are eligible for a second mortgage loan to help you achieve your financial obligations. It is also exciting that you don’t have to explain the purpose of the money lent. You are free to use it to take a vacation, pay for a new car, and spruce up your house or cater to medical expenses. Some people use mortgage loans to fund business projects while others simply want to spend the money instead of having it tied up on the property.

Georgetown mortgages are given by our vast network of private lenders who are able to approve mortgages for clients with different needs. They compete with each other to give borrowers the best possible terms meaning that here, they have the upper hand. Unlike the case with conventional lines of credit, those offered by Mortgage Brokers Georgetown have significantly low-interest rates as well as flexible payment options. You can get funding for as low as 5% interest with the option to take payment breaks, miss payments or make early payments without negatively impacting your credit score. This is great news for those without a steady flow of income who often have difficulty repaying loans in good time.

Mortgage Brokers Georgetown is a fully independent business whose sole commitment is delivering the best services to all clients. We arrange both commercial and residential mortgages for clients who can count on us whenever they need access to money tied up in a property. Your credit report shouldn’t be the reason why you miss out on tuition fees, rent or renovations to add value to property. Help is a mere phone call or email away so those who need credit services should grab the opportunity and contact Mortgage Brokers Georgetown for all the professional help needed.

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